*Can I order a different material or design on one of your stock seats?
Yes, we have a variety of cover materials and can do a custom design  cover also. Just contact us with your requirements and we can give a  cost.


*How long does a custom seat take?
This varies depending on the work involved and how busy we are at the  time. Let us know what work you are wanting done and we can give a time  frame.


*Seat construction

Each seat we create is designed from the seat pan up to correctly fit  the specific make and model bike. Seat pans will be either a 2up seat  for rider and pillion passenger or a solo seat with many having an  optional detachable pillion seat that compliments the riders solo seat.  Seat pans are built from steel or heavy duty marine grade fiberglass.

We use a high density polyurethane foam that is expertly shaped to flow  with the lines of the motorcycle but also to provide ergonomic support  and comfort. Understanding the importance of an ergonomic shape is just  one of the many reasons Sinister Seats stand out from the crowd. We  offer a range of seat styles for your motorcycle to suit your needs and  desired look, from a slimed down minimalist look for round town or short  rides to a wider more supportive touring style.

All covers are designed and sewn from the highest quality materials.  Sewing thread is a UV stable polyester thread that will not breakdown in  sunlight.

Vinyl / synthetic leather is the go to material for easy care, it can  be cleaned with a damp cloth and is not impacted by sun and rain as  other options.

Genuine leather is a great option but does require some work to care  for your seat. Leather requires regular conditioning to protect from UV  light and moisture. If the seat will be left outside or regularly ridden  in the rain, we recommend using a protective cover. We do have some  leathers that are designed for outdoor use. If the leather does get wet,  do not force dry or leave in direct sunlight as this damage the  leather. Leather will patina with age. Never use any petroleum based  product on leather.

Exotic hides such as Elephant, Stingray, Ostrich, Alligator and various other hides can also be used for a custom cover.